Solving problems

Hi my name is Rico and I love magic.
Magic is amazing.
It is fun.
It is a pleasure to share and I love coming up with new ideas.

The coming up with new ideas is a challenging part for some magicians. Even tough it is challenging, I just love it! It is fun to create a new act with an original script and it is maybe as much, as not more fun to create a new effect.

Challenging is the word that comes up into some people their minds.
Actually it used to be very challenging for me until 1 thing changed, a big realization.

About 1 year ago I used to be stuck with a problem, the routine was fetchers aces by Eddie Fechter. I didn’t like the original handling too much, even tough the handling was genius, there were some things which didn’t make much sense.

I came up with a few crazy solutions but nothing that I was amused by, and it frustrated me.

Then something big changed. I discovered a man called Sydney Banks. He talks about the 3 universal principles (but this is maybe a subject for another time). Sydney Banks talks about “Wisdom”, he says wisdom exists in the state of no thought and it is within all of us. This blew my mind

Wisdom was the missing link to solving my problem! When I realized it, I just let the idea of the problem stay in my mind and I started to take a 30 min walk everyday. I do this because it makes my mind relaxed and my thoughts silent.

After a little while the answer to the problem just came to me but, it was not just one answer that came to me. About. 20 others came to me as well.

20 different solutions to this effect. I felt delighted and amazed and it turned into a method I started to use when I’m stuck.

Give it a try, you might find something beautiful!


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