The Magic State of Mind

in my last blog I talked about a concept from Gabi `Fictional magic`, if you haven´t heard about it try to do some research on your own, it is well worth it!

As I was studying Gabi´s material I decided to dive a bit deeper into the Spanish world of magic, and so I started to read Ascanio again.

The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 is a wonderful book. It is a book with beautiful magic theory and loads of practical uses.

As  I was reading the book one sentence, in particular, caught my attention. Ascanio was talking about `Breathing Magic`, every part of your being becomes magic.

The way you think and the things you do.

He says you should be thinking about magic every second of the day.

For me this is a very interesting concept, to put your mind in such a state where you are magic.

It is an interesting concept because I find that when I’m more absorbed into magic I come up with more material and more interesting presentational plots. Whereas when I’m less busy with magic my magical development kind of stops.

The idea of Ascanio is interesting, but, as I started to discover it more I found a problem. Only thinking about magic would mean that magic is the only subject that occupies your mind and your studies.

 Magic is an art and the beautiful thing about art is that it allows the artist to show his/her “Inner world” to the world. If you are only busy with magic, your inner world might be kind of boring (exceptions are possible), However, if you are occupied with magic and at the same time you have multiple interests your inner world will keep developing, you as a human being keep developing and so your magic develops together with you.

The best way to put it is that your intention should be to make the best magic you possibly can.

-Rico Weeland


  • Santiago Ramírez Orozco

    Gabi es uno de los grandes discípulos de Ascanio. Cuando Gabi, o Ascanio, hacen un truco estudian sobre todo la reacción del público. Saben medir los tiempos, ralentizar la acción o acelerarla porque saben el efecto que causa… eso también es pensar en magia: saber cómo reaccionará el entorno a cada movimiento y para ello hay que estar en en el mundo

  • Martijn

    Couldn’t agree more.

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