The performers Ego

Knowing multiple people their opinion about performers. One thing keeps striking me again and again. May this be a realization or someone’s opinion.

“Performers like to be in the spotlight” or “Performers are very self-centered” are two lines that I keep coming across a lot.

Now by all means this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But consider for one moment that because of this, you might be missing out on a crucial point of your own perception.

All of us tend to see the world by our own lens. We see the world in different ways if we are sure or not sure about things, and we see the world in different ways by our different believes.

Believes is something that I want to focus on. If we have a certain belief about things and we try to verify this belief, may it be negative or positive. Our view on the world becomes selective. We will only start to see the things that will validate this belief.

This can be a problematic in the field of performance. Because, we will only see the things that we are looking for. As magical performers a lot of us tend to search for validation, that what we are doing is good enough or fun. Like it or not, we seek these things to make us feel good about what we are doing. In other words if the audience reacts in a big way we are doing good magic (This is what a lot of us think).

What if I told you this doesn’t have to be true. Yes, the audience reacting in a big way probably means that they are enjoying themselves. But, it doesn’t have to mean that the magic is good.

Think about this for one moment.

Suppose that you are walking in the woods. You come to a nice and open place where the trees open up and the light hits the ground just perfectly, and then you see it. You see a true miracle, it is one of the most beautiful things that you’ve ever seen.

How would you react to that? Would you start screaming “WHAT THE FUCK” and run around in circles? Or, would you just stand there and watch it as it happens? Would you just enjoy the beautiful magical experience that has just bestowed itself upon you?

Most likely the second option. Brining this back to the point made earlier. If your believes are that magic should have a big outgoing reaction. You will only seek for this reactions.

It also means that you won’t see it if people are truly mystified and surrounded by a magical aura.

I just want to leave you with this:

There is a difference between people being “Cold” and people being “Mystified”.

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