Bart Uriot

Hallo, I'm Bart

I'm one of the Team Members from the Netherlands! If you are with me then you will know for sure a deck of cards is somewhere near by! I don't like cards, I love them!

What I do?

I do a lot of different things for AEY Catcher. The main things I do for AEY Catcher are Email marketing, managing Affiliates and keeping the webshop up-to-date! And with Magic I do all kinds of magic. Of course cards, but next to this I also use coins, finger rings and many other things! I use what ever fits my style and feels logical to use. 

When Did I join AEY Catcher?

I joined the team since the beginning of AEY Catcher. They found me on Instagram and from there I made promotion video's and pictures with the AEY Catcher cards. I work toghter with AEY Catcher because we share the same passion and have the same mindset!

About Bart

I have my own business as a magician here in the Netherlands. So I perform mostly close-up magic, but I am currently also working to make a magic show.  I love magic jams, so if you are ever here in the Netherlands let me know and we can meet! Magic is my passion and with this passion I create memories for people that hopefully last for ever.

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