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Build a solid foundation to perform and create magic.

I know how all this feels ...

When I started with magic a feeling of joy went over me every time, I started to pick up a deck of cards to learn, however, that feeling vanished after 4 years. I became more and more frustrated and I started to feel stuck…..

I couldn’t keep myself from wondering what the purpose of magic was forme, why did I do magic? How could I improve? Why did I hit this wall?You see I started to learn magic on YouTube and even though I went the right route and I bought books I needed a mentor. Since I didn’t have one, I got stuck. I had no idea what good magic and bad magic was, I had no idea what the next step was and I had no idea how to improve. In my case I was very lucky that I met the amazing magician Ger Copper one day, he sold me some very good magic books and with his guidance I started to develop a solid base for magic.After I developed this solid base, I met Michael Vincent, Mike taught me the power of psychology and the basis for strong magic, for powerful magic and how to impact an audience. After I established this base, I was finally ready to see what the difference between good and bad magic was. I lost my magic addiction and that freed me.

You see, if you are addicted to magic you get onto a point where you want to learn as much as possible, you don’t realize that not every routine is created equally and you end up wasting a lot of time on crappy magic, magic that Is not brining you anywhere.

You can take the shortcut.


– Powerful Magic

- How to get different reactions/emotions from your audience

-Performance theory

-Structuring a show

-Magic Theory

-Magic Psychology

- How to study magic

-How to improve magic

-How to be an authentic performer

-How to be the best magician you can be

This is what people say:

“Besides of beeing a great human beeing (I liketo work with good people), Rico is an excellent magic teacher. What I value themost is the way he justifies every "technical moves" (the"tricky" ones) by a casual action. It make the magic natural and simple..

Phillipe Tlokinski

I am an absolute beginner and I was curious if Icould learn one or two simple tricks. I just finished a really fun coachingwith Rico and I totally got more than what I was looking for. I learned a coolroutine that Rico explained in a very easy, step-by-step manner that was easyto follow. Definitely recommended, even if you're just starting out!

Bram van Leeuwen

I enjoyed as great coaching h conversation with Rico recently. While we covered magic and business, what was uncovered was a deeper rooted issue about attachment to how things should be. He supported mein seeing a much bigger picture and just allowing thing to open up as they will. I came away from the conversation with a deeper connection to myself, my heart, my purpose and that my life is perfect is exactly as it is.

Michael Vincents

Rico is very knowledgeable and skilled card magician. Both his insights and technical skills are valuable for every card man. If you are interested in quality card magic you need to check what Rico has to said.

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