Rico Weeland

Who Am I?

Rico Weeland


Hi! I am Rico and I love to share magical experiences.

This love for magical experiences translates beautifully into magic but, recently I realized that it can also be shown in a lot of other parts of life.

A lot of people call the food that I make for them magical (And super yummy btw). Some people say that I have a magical personality and that I am very different from other people while I am also very much the same.

I love magic and I love everything about it, I love the history, the study, the performance and the thinking behind it.

Even though I love magic I love way more things, magic is not my only interest. I love to read books about philosophy, spirituality, consciousness, mastery and way more things. I believe that when I grow as a person, my magic will grow with it.

I also play the ukulele from time to time (mostly reggae) and when the weather is good you can find me chilling in the park with some friends.

I believe that all of the things that we do and the way in which we do them makes us unique and interesting, this again can be translated into magic.

It is my intention to leave a group of people and give them a truly magical experience, one that they can’t find on YouTube or anywhere else.

At the moment I am working a lot on this magical experience and I have a vision that one day I will be able to leave a group of people, give them an amazing and magical experience while I haven’t even shown them one trick.

How I started with magic

I had an interest in magic from a very young age. I think I was about 5 when I saw my first magic trick, or at least that is when I remember seeing my first trick.

The trick was very simple but yet, beautiful.

A Friend of my dad removed 1 card from the deck of cards, he then gave me the deck and he had me remove one card behind my back. When He showed his card and I looked at my card they matched, My little mind was blown and interest for magic was born.

Even though my interest in magic started at an early age, actually learning magic didn’t happen for another 10 years.

At five I learned one phase of an ambitious card routine, I never really learned more about magic because I didn’t know that was an option, I guess I was just ignorant.

Then when I was 15 I saw a video of David Blaine online, The street magic video where he levitates 1 meter into the air. I loved that video and It motivated me like crazy to learn magic.

I found my first video on YouTube and 1 year later I bought my first magic books, the rest is history.

The magic I prefer

Cards, Cards, Cards. I just love magic with playing cards.

However, This has changed a little bit. For the first 5 years, I was obsessed with card magic only, Recently I matured a bit more in magic and I started to focus on a lot of different and new things.

I recently Started to perform magic in a parlor setting and I have to be honest, I really like it.

It is nice because I can build my act and share something very personal and interesting from my self with the audience, I still use cards in the parlor but way less than I use them in close-up.

Recently I also got interested in some other close up magic, coin work and color changing knives are a few of my favorites.

The note is that I started to love every kind of magic, as long as I see that it fits my personality and I can make something meaningful from it.

Why I do what I do

Yes! If you haven’t figured it out, I’m the guy that runs the blog at AEY Catcher.

I like to share value with other people and my thoughts, Sharing it and hoping that it will help people gives me a good feeling, writing it down is always a joy for me, but not always the easiest job in the world.

I like to think about magic and to share it with people, I always hope that my opinion, ideas, and philosophies can help people to do better magic.

My advice to all of you, including myself?
Do better magic

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