Do you prefer quality?

And are you not satisfied with products that don't work properly, feel cheap and break after a short time? This is exactly what we have been working for over 2 years with our passionate team of playing card experts! Card beginners turned into hobby magicians, hobby into passion. And from the passion for playing cards grew our movement of AEY Catcher. We dissociate ourselves clearly from the structures of the large groups, whose only goal is to obtain profits from you with bad products.

Creating moments

Our goal is another: We want to create unforgettable moments and playing card experiences together with you and bring the original values of community, freedom and loyalty back into our world. For the perfect playing card experience, you need to be equipped with the right cards. Only in this way can your magic tricks, your cardistry moves or the unforgettable community game really succeed! "AEY Catcher's products are setting new standards for this!"

Absolute best possible

Before we put a product on the market, we put it through its paces for several months. It all starts with a detailed market analysis, where we test products all over the world for functionality and design. With our team of over 6 playing card experts from Germany, England, Italy and Holland, our goal is to make only the absolute best possible for you: A purchase, which should support you maximally and a life long with the fun and success with the play!


"The new movement where quality and passion for playing cards comes first!" - But what is behind it?


We believe there's a real hero in all of us.


We believe in cohesion through play, fun and love.


We believe in our family and in real friendships.


We believe that playing cards make people happy.


We believe in freedom and independence


We believe it's about the unforgettable moments in life.


We believe in going our own way.


We believe in honesty and loyalty


Our goal is to work with you to create these unforgettable moments and playing card experiences. So that you have everything you need, we at AEY Catcher make high-quality playing cards and playing card accessories. Our products set new standards in design, material selection and workmanship. This allows you to play in the Champions League among card players and devote yourself fully to what magic, cardistry and card games really depend on: Unforgettable moments and a good time with your friends and family!

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