Sonia Benito

Hola, I am Sonia!

Life style Aey catcher

I work as a professional magician and a dancer. You can always find me creating new inventive ways of performing classic and modern magic that is heavily influenced by my personal style and background as a dancer. I have worked for brands such as Rimmel London, Samsung, Maryland Cookies, ITV and Little woods... helping to create their vision using choreography, and a touch of magic to make it unique! I believe magic is a life style, magic is everywhere! Just like Aey Catcher.

Why I Work At AEY Catcher

I came across Aey Catcher on Instagram last year and I immediately knew I wanted to work with them. I really like magic to push boundaries and challenge the 'traditional' and Aey Catcher's designs do just that.  So, I wrote directly to Lukas and showed him my work. I offered to take some cool shots with Aey Catcher cards that were authentic to my style, I wanted to support his creativity and bring some new ideas. After that... I was asked to become an ambassador (YAY!) and so continued to create more content with Hannah Clarke, who is my photographer!


Sonia is originally from a (very!) small city in Spain called Palencia. She moved to London when she was 19 years old to follow her dreams! She began performing magic on the stage in Spain at 15, and once she moved to London she started to work as a close up magician. Alongside this, she was training as a dancer and worked for big artists such as Rihanna, Pharrell Williams...etc

Sonia is currently is focusing in creating new magic merging this with movement. To her, magic and dance are a lifestyle. Her work considers every small detail of an effect and the aim is to always make it as true to herself as she can.  She self-directs and creates with the help of her parter Hannah Clarke, who produces and films most of her work. Sonia started to work with Aey Catcher a year ago, helping to create content and promoting Aey Catcher products.

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Instagram: soniabenito